Mark is a Proven Leader

Representative Parkinson is a proven leader on issues important to you...Cutting Your Taxes, State Sovereignty, Our Economy, and Jobs

Mark is Cutting Your Taxes

The most effective economic stimulator is letting you keep more of the money you earn. To date, I have voted for over $2 billion in income tax cuts.

Mark is Ensuring Missouri Sovereignty

The foundation of our Democracy is the concept of limited government. I pledge to hold the line on government intrusion and advocate states' rights, thus ensuring freedom and liberty.

Mark is Building our Economy & Creating Jobs

The best way to build our economy is to allow individuals the freedom to engage in entrepreneurism without excessive taxes or oppressive regulations. I am fighting for lower taxes and less governmental regulations for families, small businesses, and large employers.

As your State Representative I expect to be judged on my record. I also expect to be judged fairly.

You have received multiple pieces of mail from my Democrat opponent and his party distorting my record and attacking me personally. From deliberate falsehoods to cheap shots about my previous weight, they have ran one of the nastiest campaigns in our county in recent memory. On more than one occasion, they called me the author of a 12% sales tax increase. This is an outright lie—I have never voted for a sales tax increase, much less authored one!

The truth is that I was instrumental in passing the first income tax cut in 93 years, with safeguards in place to ensure that government growth will be controlled but still have enough money to conduct its proper functions.

In another mail piece, he states that I have failed our schools. Francis Howell released their Annual Performance Scores and attained a 96.8 out of a total of 100. He must define failure differently than most. In fact, I have voted to increase education funding each and every year I have been in the legislature.

  • I am anti-ObamaCare and am fighting to protect you from this albatross that is dramatically raising your health insurance costs and restraining our economic recovery.

  • I am 100% pro-life and am fighting to protect the most vulnerable among us…the yet to be born.
    Endorsed by Missouri Right to Life
    Endorsed by Missourians for Life

  • I am an advocate for our shared Second Amendment rights.
    Endorsed by and a Benefactor member of the National Rifle Association (A+ voting record)

  • I am a fiscal conservative and have voted for a balanced budget each and every year.

  • I am anti-Common Core and have voted to eliminate this gross overreach into our schools by the federal government.

  • I am cutting your taxes and will continue to vote to lower your tax burden. Letting you keep and spend the money you work for is the best economic stimulus.

  • I am fighting to eliminate the proliferation of illegal immigration into Missouri. As the co-author of Missouri’s illegal immigration law—regarded as one of the toughest in the country—more can and will be done on this front.

I am very proud of the campaign I ran this summer and fall. I have personally knocked on 24,046 doors and had conversations with 13,514 of you, my neighbors.

Many of you have called and complimented my campaign, and I greatly appreciate your support.

I've had to bite my tongue on many occasions and am disappointed that my opponent took the low road and attacked me on a personal level.

I am proud of the fact that I did not follow my opponent's lead into the gutter.

Public service should be about working together to solve issues, instead of tearing down those with which we disagree. Plus, aren’t we are all sick and tired of the negative advertisements that flood our TV and mailbox? I know I am!

I ask for your vote tomorrow, Tuesday, November 4th.

If I can answer any questions please come straight to the cell phone number is (636) 395-0016.

Mark A. Parkinson
State Representative
Missouri House of Representatives
District 105