Mark is a Proven Leader

Representative Parkinson is a proven leader on issues important to you...Cutting Your Taxes, State Sovereignty, Our Economy, and Jobs

Representative Parkinson presiding over the Missouri House of Representatives

Mark is Cutting Your Taxes

The most effective economic stimulator is letting you keep more of the money you earn. To date, I have voted for over $2 billion in income tax cuts.

Mark enjoying spring on the east side of the Capitol

Mark is Ensuring Missouri Sovereignty

The foundation of our Democracy is the concept of limited government. I pledge to hold the line on government intrusion and advocate states' rights, thus ensuring freedom and liberty.

Mark presenting legislation in committee

Mark is Building our Economy & Creating Jobs

The best way to build our economy is to allow individuals the freedom to engage in entrepreneurism without excessive taxes or oppressive regulations. I am fighting for lower taxes and less governmental regulations for families, small businesses, and large employers.

Mark responding to constituent e-mails while listening to debate on the House floor


I'm Missouri State Representative Mark Parkinson and I want to thank you for visiting my website.

I designed this website to be educational, interactive, and most of all, fun. Check back often for updates and additions.

It is my intention that this is a website that you will visit often to find out what is going on in Missouri government and politics.

During my tenure in the Missouri Legislature, I have worked with Republicans and Democrats to move Missouri in a new direction. I believe that if a Democrat proposes an idea, that does not inherently make it a bad idea. Ronald Reagan said "There is no limit to what you can accomplish if you don't care who gets the credit." I believe, that together, we can build a better future for our children.

With your help, we can improve our public schools, so that every child has access to world class education.

With your help, we can encourage economic development, so that anyone that wants a job can find one.

With your help, we can ensure immigration is legal and orderly, rather than having people sneak into our country in the dead of night.

I hope that you will join me in these efforts!

As you view my website and learn more, I hope you will feel compelled to become a member of Team Parkinson, like thousands of your neighbors, friends, and family across this great state have already done.

Your voice counts!

Thank you for visiting my website, I hope to see you on the team.

God bless Missouri & the United States of America.

Mark A. Parkinson
Missouri House of Representatives
Proudly serving you in the 16th District

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I was honored to meet Jamie McMurray at the Capitol. Jamie is the 2010 Daytona 500 winner and a native of Joplin, Missouri

Mark and his fellow freshmen legislators

Mark, 16th District constituent Beth Carsten, and Representative Joe Smith (all graduates of Francis Howell Senior High School class of 1991).